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28 november 2018 | Aanbod - Vaste mest - dsalt - Heel Nederland

UAB COSCRETE was established in 2007. Our main activity is: professional risk assessment and research, accredited laboratory services, fire protection, civil protection, environmental protection, training, sound acoustics, house air tightness measurements and engineering services. The mission is to improve the safety and health of employees in enterprises through the provision of professional and quality consulting services tailored to the needs of our clients. Vision is an active and reliable international consulting company based on its high level of qualification, gained experience, customer and public confidence, which meets all the needs of its users. The main activity of UAB COSCRETE is training, safety and health at work (work safety), labor law, safety service, electrical safety, civil protection, environmental protection, professional risk investigation and evaluation, electricity, heat and gas maintenance, engineering services.

Hoeveelheid: 620 ton
Prijs: € 10,-
BTW: Excl.
Prijssoort Gehaald uit opslag
Mest geleverd als: Vaste mest
Levering in week: 2
Gehaltes Forfairtair
Plaats: London
Provincie: Heel Nederland
Naam: dsalt
Telefoonnummer: 62047777

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